1) Responsive Web Design – WELCOME!

Thursday, September 6, 2012 – 1:30 to 3:00 PM

Web design is constantly evolving. One concept worth adapting is called RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN. It involves designing a website so that its presentation changes depending on the device.

  2. Future
  3. Pioneers
  4. User Agent Switching
  5. Approaches
  6. Flexible Grid / Adaptive Images
  7. Media Queries
  8. Retina Display
  9. SVG
  10. Icon Font
  11. Code
  12. More Information
  • Attendance / Sign-in Sheet / password
  • Survey Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced?
  • Fundamentals
    • Blogging
      • Write & post, categorize & tag, new content, from time to time.
      • Content consists of text, photos, and/or audio/visual media.
      • Accept comments from visitors.
    • WP.com
      • Free Hosted Service, Themes, and Widgets
      • Optimal Resource Utilization, Load Balancing
      • Automatic Version Updating
    • WordPress.org
      • Host website on server of own choosing.
      • Unlimited Customization, access to code.
      • Maintenance Responsibility!
  • Answers to Question:
    • On a scale of ONE to TEN, how important is it for your website to “respond” to the device it is being viewed on?
  • Introductions:
    • Name & Title
    • Tell us about your experience with WordPress so far (.com / .org?)
    • Where would you like to be with WordPress next month? … in the future?
In this meetup we’ll explore the strategy of progressive enhancement, giving priority to website accessibility on mobile devices; and then learn techniques to portray content on varied displays.

More Information

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