Meetup #10 Plugins: Purchasing Programming Profit

Plugins are used to extend WordPress’s functionality. You can find plugins to do just about anything others might have imagined. However, to do what exists in your mind alone, you’ll have to create a plugin of your own!

This meetup will cover the basics of WordPress Plugin utilization, and then delve briskly into the fundamentals of developing plugins for the marketplace.

  • Welcome/password
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Survey (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)?
  • vs
  • Introductions
    1. Your Background.
    2. What Services or Skills you can Provide.
    3. What Type of Skills, Services, or Collaboration You Would Like from Others.
  • Users/Comments
  • Money


1 – Recommended Plugins
2 – Contact Form Plugins
3 – Zap Form
4 – More on Plugins


More Information

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