Installing WordPress


For security reasons, I recommend staying away from 1-click installers like Fantastico. They seem to make the process fast, but after you install, to make the site secure you would need to go into your MySQL database and change the prefix on each table and change your config.sys file. It is actually faster to use the manual method.

Multi-Site or Individual Installation?

Before you install, consider how many sites you will be creating. If you are going to be creating and maintaining multiple WordPress sites, I suggest you install MultiSite instead of individual WordPress Installations. The time you save with updates on WordPress, themes and Plug-ins will be worth the extra effort up-front. Learn more about Multi-Site here.

WordPress Codex Instructions:

If this is the first time you are installing WordPress you will find  detailed instructions for installation in the Codex. There is no need to repeat them here.

Security Considerations:

While you are installing WordPress, be conscious of the usernames, passwords and database prefixes you select. Do not use “Admin” as your user name, or wp in the names or prefix of the database tables. The one click installers do these things and hackers look for them as a way to get in.

After you install WordPress, there are several steps to take to make your installation more secure. Read more here.

Multiple “Single-Site” Installations:

If you are installing WordPress on multiple servers, or for some reason need multiple sites, and multisite is not right for you, I suggest using BackupBuddy. Create a “standard” installation with all your standard themes and plug-ins and then back that up with BackUpBuddy. Then use the ImportBuddy script that comes with it to migrate your site to a location. It will do all the work of setting up the database for you, and your plug-ins and themes will all be installed instantly.

Here are some additional links that might be useful:

Installing in another language other than English, importing from another platform, wondering about using various web host interfaces, or other custom installations, check out:


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