Installing WordPress on a Shared Server (ISP) is great is you have a simple blog and want to get started quickly, with limited maintenance to worry about. But if you want to use WordPress for a more comprehensive website, then you need the additional power offered by installing the software offered freely at
Many hosting companies (or ISP’s) offer tools to install WordPress automatically, and it is tempting to use these tools and be on your way customizing your design and uploading content. But in my experience, there are some long-term maintenance and security issues to consider before you take the plunge.
  1. Selecting a hosting provider:
    Does the hosting provider meet the minimum requirements for the software, provide a good user interface and offer great support?
  2. Installing WordPress
    Or why using Fantastico is not a good idea.
  3. Security Issues
    After you install WordPress, there are several steps to take to make your installation more secure.
  4. Child Themes
    If you are making any customizations to your theme at all, then be sure to create a child theme so upgrades don’t overwrite your changes.
  5. Selecting Plug-ins
    Couple tips for selecting from the thousands of options out there.

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